The Art of Storytelling: Capturing the Hearts and Minds of New Customers

How many times have you seen the iPod marketing phrase “10,000 songs in your pocket”?

If you have worked within an inch of marketing in your life, you’ve probably seen it a lot; maybe to the point where you can recite it from memory. That is the art of brand and storytelling. The vast majority of consumers have never been won over by lists of product details. They’re won over by the feeling they get when they think about your brand or product and story is the only way to effectively incite emotion.

Join Revenue Growth Agency Director Andy Donaldson as he talks through why brand storytelling is so important, how your brand can craft your own story and why we choose the term performance branding over performance marketing.

Learn -

  • The Storytelling framework which has inspired our approach

  • The 6 stages of planning needed for an effective storytelling strategy

  • Real examples of storytelling in action

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Looking for support?

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