The Art of Storytelling: Marketing Channels for Ultimate New Customer Acquisition

In our final installment of our The Art of Storytelling webinar series, Founder and Director Andy is joined by our Director of Client Growth Strategy, David Jaoui as they discuss how to effectively build and manage and execution strategy for all your storytelling campaigns.

Over the past 2 webinars

The Art of Storytelling: Capturing the Hearts and Minds of New Customers

The Art of Storytelling: Crafting a Brand Story New Customers Can't Resist

we have showed you how to find your most profitable audience and craft a story through key messaging and emotion to capture the attention and nurture new audiences. Now that you have those stories and the creative in your possession, this final session will walk you through the best strategies to share that creative.

In this session Andy and David will cover:

  • How our Revenue Growth Framework complements the world of storytelling

  • Mastering cross channel strategies and audiences

  • Manual funnel building vs AI acquisition campaigns

  • Which channels can work best at each stage of the funnel

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Looking for support?

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